Item Code: #FAF2300
Title: d20 Character Record Sheet
Type: Accessory
Author: Richard Laiacona and James M. Ward
Published: 2003
Publisher: Fast Forward Entertainment
Format: 32-page book
Just What You Need!

Chances are your character means more to you than a piece of scrap paper. So why do you keep your character information on a piece of paper that everyone else would think is trash? Treat that favorite character of yours the way you should with these sheets!

d20 Character Record Sheets includes...

...28 different record sheets that give you a place to record every bit of information you'll ever need to remember about your character, and plenty of space to put those additional notes. Inside, you'll find:

  • A double-sided record sheet for every one of the eleven core character classes.
  • A sheet to record all of that extra equipment, belongings, treasure and other booty you've accumulated throughout your adventures.
  • A sheet for your character's spellbook.
  • A character history sheet.
  • A sheet for significant NPCs and/or monsters.
  • An adventure log.
Tell Me About Your Character!

We're gamers. We all have facts and figures about our favorite characters memorized, but it's not official until it's on the character sheet. And what happens when those gaming sessions begin to melt together? How are you going to keep everything straight in your mind? Don't worry. You've got all you need in your hands!

These d20 Character Record Sheets are a d20 System game accessory that gives you exactly what it says - highly detailed record sheets for all your favorite characters. This is something every player and gamemaster must have on their shelves - and in their backpacks, files, notebooks and desks. Use them for all your favorite characters!

Treat yourself!
How many hours have you spent creating that perfect character? How many gaming sessions, sweating your way through difficult negotiations and dangerous encounters? How much gold spent on buying the very best for your hero? These d20 Character Record Sheets give you the space you need to record everything about your character and everything your GM will need to know throughout your adventures.

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