Item Code: #AEG8336
Title: The Dark Elf City of Hosuth
Type: Adventure
For: Any level
Author: Ree Soesbee
Published: 2002
Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group
Format: 16-page book
The lizardfolk of Hssith were once a primitive people, foraging and hunting for their daily fare beneath the watchful eye of their patron - the Sun God. They lived in thatched villages, huddled so closely that other more civilized societies would call it a city.

But when the earth shook and the mountains slid into the river, their lives changed forever.

Deep beneath the mountains on the edge of Hssith swamp, thick, muddied water consumed a dark elf city. All the vaunted magic of the people was not enough to halt the cataclysm. The mountain fell and the city flooded.

Bearing little more than their precious libraries, the dark elves rose and swore to unearth their fallen city. Until then, however, the elves would have to make due.

Hssith, now called Hosuth, is a swamp city of lizardfolk enslaved by dark elves. The stagnant cityscape reflects a primitive civilization oppressed by higher intellect - a race of slaves laboring under the iron fist of tyrannical masters. The city is open to traders, merchants of all races, and adventurers that seek to steal the prizes buried in the lost city below the new-made lake. But beware. You are not the only ones who seek to uncover what has been lost...

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