Item Code: #BBA2.1
Title: Assault on Darkspyre
Type: Adventure
For: Levels 6-8
Author: Danny O'Neill
Published: 2001
Publisher: Hammerdog Games
Format: 32-page book
Invade the Tower of an Archmage!

"...and so it stands today, this evil magical fortress. A curse upon the lands of the Kingdom of Kula and a pox upon her peoples. Yet if the oracle can be believed, then the time has come for that to change. I spare your treachery against the crown on one condition. You must set foot inside Darkspyre on the morrow and sabotage her defenses. My War priests wish it so, and if their portents are true - and if you are as powerful as you claim to be - then this evil black tower of sorcery shall fall and Malkanai will tremble before the holy army of the mighty Kula!"

As General Kaga's thundering speech turns to talk of the oncoming siege, your eye wanders to where the tower of the Archmage Malkanai slashes the sky like an enormous obsidian knife. Memories of fireside tales of the nefarious mage challenge you courage and your stomach begins to wind itself into a knot. Of course you are every bit as powerful as you have told the General - but are you and your stalwart companions really strong enough to challenge an Archmage - and in his own home?

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