Item Code: #GMG5007
Title: Dungeon Crawl Classics #8: Mysteries of the Drow
Type: Adventure
For: 7th - 9th level characters
Author: Jeff Quinn
Published: 2004
Publisher: Goodman Games
Format: 48-page book
Remember the good old days, when adventures were underground, NPCs were there to be killed, and the finale of every dungeon was a dragon on the 20th level? Those days are back. Dungeon Crawl Classics adventures don't waste your time with long-winded speeches, weird campaign settings, or NPCs who aren't meant to be killed. Each adventure is 100% good, solid dungeon crawl, with the monsters you know, the traps you remember, and the secret doors you know are there somewhere.

Originally designed as a convention tournament module, this adventure sends the heroes into the underdark to do battle against the mysterious denizens of the deep! A drow housemistress commissions the characters to acquire a mysterious weapon known to be in the hands of her dark elf enemies. Locating, identifying, and acquiring the magical weapon leads the heroes on a great trek across the underdeep, where they must battle svirfneblin, a powerful lich, and enemy drow. This adventure is specially designed for play by drow characters, but can be used with any adventuring party. Pregenerated drow characters are included.

If you enjoy this adventure, look for the rest of the Dungeon Crawl Classics series!

This module was originally solicited under the title Cavern of the Drow.

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