Item Code: #FAF2026
Title: Deadliest Creatures Tome
Type: Accessory
Published: 2003
Publisher: Fast Forward Entertainment
Format: 128-page perfect-bound book
Not Necessarily the Biggest...

Creatures, both good and bad, come in all sizes and shapes. But oftentimes it isn't the largest and most powerful creature out there that's the most dangerous. You can see the tower golem from literally miles away, but it's the clouds of insects that swarm you in the middle of the swamp or the flock of rodents scurrying through the ruins that could mean death to your characters.

...But Definitely the Baddest!

Deadly is the only way to describe what you'll find within these pages. Sixty new and different monsters, undead, extraplanar beings and more fill this tome, giving GMs more options than ever before for populating their adventures. From the tiny anakim and dreydnar to the incredibly massive sky squid, these creatures each live up to the moniker "Deadliest Creatures" in their own ways!

Make Your Players Earn Their Gold!

It happens in every campaign sooner or later; the heroes get more powerful than the monsters and villains that are supposed to challenge them. If your players sneer at dragons, laugh at liches, and jeer at demonic hordes, turn this fantastic assortment of horrors loose on them. They won't know what hit them... if they survive!

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The Deadliest Creatures Tome is a d20 System sourcebook filled with nothing but the most deadly of creatures. Whether you're looking for something new and dangerous to throw at your Player Characters or a powerful ally to aid them in their fight against evil, there's something for you within these pages.

About the Authors:
Fast Forward Entertainment assembled an incredibly talented group of authors to design this tome of the most deadly creatures ever seen. Together, Herbert A. Beas, Jarad Fennell, B.D. Flory, Jason Hardy, Kurt Hausheer, M.K. McArtor, Gary McBride, W. Jason Peck, Geoff Skellams and James M. Ward have designed a source that'll keep your players on the edge of their seats for years!

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