Item Code: #CGG0400
Title: Deathstalkers II
Type: Accessory
Author: Mike Whitehead & Joe Meyers
Published: 2005
Publisher: Cutters Guild Games
Format: 680-page perfect-bound book
The world is a broken and ruined place. The great kings of men have fallen and their kingdoms wiped from the face of the planet. The races of the world are divided and leaderless; the heroes of yore are but a whispered memory. The Juggernauts - the great foes and destroyers of kings - once thought gone from these lands, have arisen once again. Here, in the lands of Arkastapha, where they once sought to destroy kingdoms, they now seek to obliterate the last races of the world.
But another threat rises against man as well. The Demons, once content in the frozen arctic wastes, have become restless and weary of man. Too long have they suffered the frigid north, and now they seek to rise up and take the world for their own. Fearsome and terrible fiends are they, and all who gaze upon them tremble and despair.
And one by one, as war tears apart the cities of Man, the races break their allegiances of old and leave their ancient comrades to whatever end. The thunderous footfalls of the Juggernauts now echo the final tidings of doom, and the cities burned by the Demons are but beacons of death and failure.
But ever is there hope. In time there may arise new heroes, like those of legend, who would dare tread the roads now cloaked in shadow. Some may seek treasures long forgotten; others may seek out fame. Still others may reach for a higher goal and seek a means to unite the races once again or raise an army mighty enough to face the Juggernauts. All this here, in the lands of Arkastrapha, where only the brave dare tread.


Deathstalkers II is a fully contained gamebook and contains all the rules and setting information you need to set off on dark and perilous adventures! Some of the features of Deathstalkers II include the following:
  • Over 21 playable races, including Centaur, Dwarf, Elf, Kelpie, Kobold, Orc, Half-Dead, Half-Wolf and many more! All of the races are fully detailed and many have special twists which give players a unique and exciting role-play experience. As an Elf you will have to overcome the effects of the Kala'Hur in battle; as a Kobold you'll have to master your shifting blood.
  • 19 playable character classes, including Adventurer, Archer, Assassin, Elemental Warrior, Witch Hunter, Obsidian Guardsman, Wizard and many more! Each class is fully detailed and brought to life and allow characters to progress in powers and abilities over time.
  • Power up your character with 170 different Skills! Some skills will give your characters an added advantage when they are leveled-up. For example, increase your ability in the skill of Monsterlore and choose monsters to become your favored foes; Level-up the skill of Sing to learn the Songs of the Gifted which can be used to control, smite and demoralize your enemies!
  • Obtain Feats for your character! Deathstalkers II has more than 150 different feats to choose from, including Aggressive Assault Attacks, Mystic Assault Attacks, Fate and many more!
  • For magic users, empower your character from a list of over 500 spells!
  • A full Monster Encyclopedia, with more than 70 different monsters, gives GMs dozens of unique and terrifying foes to thwart the characters with!
  • A comprehensive Buyer's Guide includes prices for hundreds and hundreds of items and weapons!
  • Complete rules for character creation, combat, insanity, game and much more! Deathstalkers II is a fully contained RPG! No other books are required to play!

Nearly 700-pages in length. Deathstalkers II will provide Players and Game Masters hundreds of hours of entertainment and is perhaps the single largest and most complete RPG ever!

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