Item Code: #FAF2004
Title: Encyclopedia of Demons & Devils
Type: Accessory
Published: 2001
Publisher: Fast Forward Entertainment
Format: 224-page perfect-bound hardback book
Demons and Devils are among us!

In the middle of a blistering winter storm the adventurers struggle up a mountain pass. The icy wind and freezing sleet make movement difficult. Suddenly they stop. They walk onto a part of the trail strangely warmed by a gentle summer's breeze, though behind and around the the terrible storm rages on. A steaming lily pond lies before them with a dark cave behind it, from which a seven-foot tall, flame-skinned demon emerges, licking its yellow fangs with a split, viperlike tongue. The carved face on the hilt of its sword screams, "Souls master, more souls for your pleasure!"

Your campaign just became a lot more dangerous!

This 224-page compendium is filled with demonic and devilish creatures to introduce to your adventuring friends. Let them discover a hidden evil temple of Gandharva filled with wondrous magical treasures, but let them be on guard when the demon god Gandharva actually comes to the prime material plane to punish them for their insolence. Every demon is more than just stats on a page; each one is an adventure, a quest awaiting conclusion. Many are, in fact, gods to whom the evil pray for magical spells.

Encyclopedia of Demons and Devils includes:

172 tanar'ri and baatezu detailed, using the d20 system with enough color information to drop them into any fantasy campaign. All of them are drawn from historical mythologies, from Abraxus and Azazel to depraved Koschei the Deathless and Asmodeus!

Many demons and devils are worshipped as gods, presented with enough details to incorporate them into any fantasy campaign. Characters can become clerics of those evil faiths with all manner of powers and abilities granted for worshipping those deadly beings.

Details with spells and costs are presented to allow your player characters to attempt to summon and control terrible beings from the Abyss and other outer planes.

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Encyclopedia of Demons and Devils is a d20 System product detailing devilish and demonic creatures drawn from mankind's history. Unearthed through exhaustive research, fallen angels from every ancient pantheon take their place among the tanar'ri and baatezu. From Aztec and Babylonian demons to Zorostrian devils, evil incarnate lies within.

About the Authors:

James M. Ward, Timothy Brown, and Lester Smith, the core of Fast Forward's masterful and award-winning design team, bring humankind's most feared monsters to life. With additional design from Dan Grendell, Eric Haddock, Chris Hartford, Joel Kinstle, Jeff Quick, and Chris Trossen, Encyclopedia of Demons and Devils is the best-researched, best-written resource for denizens of the underworld ever created for role-playing games.

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