Item Code: #HC01
Title: Hostile Climes: The Depths of Despair
Type: Accessory
Author: Matt Forbeck and Aaron Acevedo
Published: 2002
Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Format: 128-page perfect-bound book
Beneath the Waves, Darkness Waits.

It was the tritons who blew the Nautilacrum, the legendary horn of the Sea God. The tritons believed the horn would decimate their hated enemies, the sahuagin, but instead, the ancient artifact destroyed their greatest city and tore open a hole in the very ocean herself.

Eventually, ships full of careless surface-dwellers tumbled into the magical vortex atop the triton ruins. One of them, a savage pirate named Galt and his brutal crew, survived, and have created an incredible haven for others of their ilk inside.

The few surviving tritons have formed a desperate band of legionaires to reclaim their ancestral home, but to do so they must battle ravenous sahuagin, ruthless pirates, and a dark secret lurking beneath the "Depths of Despair" - the ghost of a dead god!

The Depths of Despair is the first in a series of D20 System setting books featuring isolated and dangerous environments - "Hostile Climes" - that may be dropped into any fantasy campaign! Inside is a detailed setting featuring a city at the bottom of a whirlpool and the caverns beneath, new skills, feats, gear, prestige classes, monsters, and a complete adventure to drop into your campaign right away!

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