Item Code: #FAF2012
Title: Devilish Dens
Type: Accessory
Published: 2002
Publisher: Fast Forward Entertainment
Format: 48-page book
Devils have to live somewhere too!

Imagine your surprise when you explore a peaceful valley only to find the hidden den of the terrible Flauros - A devil so powerful only the bravest paladin or holy cleric would think of taking the monster on. Now you have a problem. What choice do you have? You are there, Flairos is there, and the fell beast is not going to let you leave knowing where it keeps itself hidden. Let the battle begin!

Devilish Dens Includes!

  • Ten dens with some of the most awe-inspiring monsters and treasures you could imagine.
  • Detailed maps of those lairs give easy-to-use information on the guardians, treasures, and encounters of those maps.
  • Extreme challenges, just for the fun of it. These evil creatures are perfect for the group wanting a profound challenge. They can be placed in any fantasy setting and in any part of your campaign world. Each one is perfectly presented for easy use. Your players will be talking about these battles for years!

    Devilish Dens details ten Outsider dens filled with treasure and difficult encounters for brave player characters to find and conquer. Complete details list den guards, traps, settings, and treasure. These tanar'ri and baatezu are drawn from historical references detailed in the Encyclopedia of Demons & Devils, but that volume is not required to play Devilish Dens.

    About the Authors:
    Anne Brown and Kevin Melka are long-time creative writers bringing fantasy role-playing to life for TSR and others. Combining their efforts for this Fast Forward adventure compilation, they have generated ten inventive and challenging situations where Outsiders lurk in dark, forboding places.

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