Item Code: #FAF2007
Title: Demonic Lairs
Type: Accessory
Author: James M. Ward
Published: 2002
Publisher: Fast Forward Entertainment
Format: 48-page book
Demons have to live somewhere!

Come visit the homes of ten powerful demons and devils. Visit the Shedim's Grove where reality is twisted by the magical waters from a strange fountain. Hunt down a devil's winged horse in Abigor's Stables. Probe the future's murky depths in Balam's Prophecy. There are ten lairs in all, each for a different demon or devil from the Encyclopedia of Demons and Devils, all creatures taken from the pages of history and brought to life for d20 System play!

Your players will never say your campaign is too easy!

This 48-page d20 System product portrays the lairs of ten of the toughest demons and devils you can imagine. In each well-designed lair your players will face demonic foes with god-like powers. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses may be just what they need to survive this brush with the mysterious underworld!

Demonic Lairs includes:

Ten lairs with some of the toughest demons and devils ever imagined.

Detailed maps on tose lairs give easy-to-use information on the guardians, treasures, and dangerous encounters for the ten lairs and their demonic masters.

A window into the world of otherworldly creatures, native to planes of power far, far away, but for now denizens of the flesh and blood world!

Visit to get even more adventure, including free listings on tanar'ti demons and baatezu devils found nowhere else.

Demonic Lairs details ten devilish and demonic creatures and where these horrific monsters live their day-to-day lives, with complete details of their guards, treasures, and the secrets they hide. These historical tanar'ri and baatezu are drawn from the Encyclopedia of Demons and Devils, but that volume is not required for play.

About the Authors:
James M. Ward is a master storyteller and an award winning author with credits like Metamorphosis Alpha, Deities & Demigods, and Greyhawk. Timothy Brown created the amazing Dark Sun universe and has written extensively in fantasy and science fiction. Tim Kidwell co-wrote Soverign Stone's Campaign Sourcebook and its Codex Mysterium, and is noted for his work in horror fiction.

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