Item Code: #AEG8502
Title: Dragons
Type: Accessory
Published: 2001
Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group
Format: 208-page perfect-bound book

There was a time, my good friend, when dragons did not walk the earth. But man has never known such a time. In fact, to speculate about such a time sparks only a cruel hope. It is a fable for children; those humans that wish for such a world sharpen their blades for a battle they surely cannot win.

Man is destined to serve, cowering in fear beneath the shadow of the dragons - magnificent beasts of such magnitude that words fail to describe them. They cannot be fathomed by our primitive minds. Surely, we can see them, talk about them, hunt them, even catalog them in arcane works lost to the whim of age. But we cannot, and shall not in my lifetime, ever know what truly makes these wondrous forces of nature what they are.

I only hope that future generations of man habe the will to fight against that which cannot be destroyed.

- Iverik Goul, Watcher from the Tower of Woe


This sourcebook contains everything a GM or player needs to campaign in a world of dragons. Hunting, training, or riding them - even cutting up the pieces and selling them for alchemical powders - all these possibilities lie within the pages of this tome.

Carry well the knowledge you have been lent.

New feats
New prestige classes
New magic items
Draconic alchemy
New monsters
New spells
Dragon lairs
New Dragon types

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