Item Code: #MYG1101
Title: Dragonstar: Raw Recruits
Type: Adventure
For: 1st - 7th level characters
Published: 2002
Publisher: Mystic Eye Games
Format: 160-page perfect-bound book
Welcome aboard the Evarstanza, one of the largest exploration vessels in the empire. Join the crew of this mighty ship as a raw recruit in the first licensed adventure/sourcebook from Mystic Eye Games set in the Dragonstar universe.

Raw Recruits contains all the adventure material you should need to run a campaign in the Dragonstar setting and will take characters from 1st to 6th or even 7th level. In these pages you will find a fully detailed massive exploration vessel and her crew, four huge adventures, many small side treks, new spells, creatures, items, and much more all crafted using the d20 system.

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