Item Code: #FAF2010
Title: Dungeon World
Type: Accessory
Published: 2002
Publisher: Fast Forward Entertainment
Format: 192-page perfect-bound hardback book
A world of adventure... locked in deadly darkness!

Escape the underground realms that stole your existence!
  • An unknown force has given you fallen character's spirit a reprieve from death and placed it in a new body on a slab of cold stone. It is up to you to discover your purpose in this new underground world where everyone's hand is turned against you.
  • The gods have abandoned you. Cut off from ethereal guidance you must make your own way through deadly caverns with only your wits and the things you can capture to help you along the way.
  • Back where you died, your allies know that your spirit has been stolen and their research tells them that your brave soul is battling alone on another plane of existence. Are they brave enough to adventure to where that soul has been trapped, possibly being trapped there forever themselves?
  • In this never-before-seen campaign world, there is no night sky; there is no sky. As characters struggle from level to level they meet powerful forces for good or ill all trying to exist in a damp, dark world not of their making. A character's death is just the beginning in the crypts of Dungeon World.
  • World an ongoing part of your existing d20 System. It also presents Nex, the first Dungeon World setting, a 25-level dungeon populate by creatures from throughout the planes, including 10 new monsters, among them the nefarious Caretaker's Children.
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Dungeon World
is a d20 System campaign setting presenting a whole new aspect of fantasy role-playing. Within these pages is a purgatory of endless tunnels and warrens, a place of the dead or perhaps not quite dead. When an adventuring character takes his last breath only to awaken on a cold, stone slab in utter darkness, his time in Dungeon World has begun!

About the Authors:

A great many award-winning authors were used in creating the encounters in this volume. The Fast Forward Entertainment team, Timothy Brown, James M. Ward, and Lester Smith, coordinated the efforts of Tim Beach, Jarad Fennell, Dan Grendell, Chris Hartford, Kurt Hausheer, Kevin Melka, and James Mishler to create a compelling universe of dark stone and dangeous, recurring enemies.

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