Item Code: #CIT002
Title: Castle Dunmere
Type: Adventure
For: 5th-7th level characters
Author: Michael J. Eckert
Published: 2001
Publisher: Citizen Games
Format: 32-page book
Welcome to
Castle Dunmere

Secrets abound at the famous Dunmere Castle.
The locals stay away from what they claim is a haunted estate.

Now the owner of the house, Count Carlisle himself, has gone missing. His disappearance is being blamed on an old legend surrounding the castle; that of Countess Carlisle's ghost haunting the old manor. Sightings of the Countess are on the rise and the town is terrified.

Is the legend about Castle Dunmere true?
There's only one way to find out.

Enter Castle Dunmere!

A fantasy adventure for character levels 5-7.

Requires the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook.

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