Item Code: #MFP1013
Title: Encyclopedia Arcane: Crossbreeding - Flesh and Blood
Type: Accessory
Author: Johnathan Richards
Published: 2003
Publisher: Mongoose Publishing
Format: 64-page perfect-bound book
An owlbear paces round and round the dry moat encircling the wizard's castle, seeking any creature foolish enough to have entered the moat willingly or unfortunate enough to have been thrown there by the wizard's minions. Up in the wizard's stables a pair of night-black pegasi nicker nervously, as they always do when they hear the owlbear's hungry cries. Their oversized ravens' wings are as dark as their equine coats, the feathers shining in the scant moonlight filtering in from the open stable door. From the tallest tower of the wizard's castle spills light of a different sort, magical flames burning eternally in their iron scones, illuminating the wizard's workroom and those within it. The wizard runs his hand through the fur at the top of his cat's head and it purrs its contentment, rubbing up against him for more, folding its dragon-like wings out of the way carefully keeping the tip of its envenomed scorpion-tail from scratching its master.

The field of magical crossbreeding is not always an easy one and there are many mistakes that can be made along the way - mistakes that can, quite literally, come back to bite you! However, with enough practice, a new form of life can eventually be brought into existence and it is then, flush with the excitement of success, that the magical crossbreeder feels the true power of arcane spellcraft.

Inside you will find:

Designing Magical Crossbreeds:
A detailed look at what you need to consider when designing your new creation, and how to they affect the difficulty of the crossbreeding attempt.

Tranmutation Rituals: Details on what is needed to perform the transmutation ritual and examples of how a wizard might perform the crossbreeding.

Creating Magical Crossbreeds: A detailed look at the game mechanics of actually performing the ritual and creating a new species.

Advanced Procedures: Ever wanted your wizard character to be able to assume some of the characteristics of a dragon, without having to polymorph himself? Well, now he can! This chapter contains details on self-hybridisation, multistage crossbreeding and more.

Magic Items: A collection of magical items that are a must for any self-respecting crossbreeder.

Sample Hybrids: An exhaustive list of examples of what you could create, given time, money and patience. From arachnomorphs to worgoblins, Games Masters might just find an unpleasant surprise for their players in this chapter.


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