Item Code: #MGP1007
Title: Encyclopaedia Divine: Fey Magic - Dreaming the Reverie
Type: Accessory
Author: Chad Brunner
Published: 2002
Publisher: Mongoose Publishing
Format: 64-page perfect-bound book
The fey - also known as faerie, or fair folk - are some of the most misunderstood creatures in fantasy games. Some view them as harmless sprites living in the depths of sylvan woods; others see them as vindictive creatures with limitless power who steal children and play cruel and even lethal pranks on those that cross their path. The truth, as might be expected of such an enigmatic race, is that both perspectives are sometimes accurate, although there is far more to the fey than either view would suggest.

For those looking deeper into the mysteries coiled around the fey, another area of speculation is the magic they wield. In some cases it seems quite innocuous, while in other circumstances it is nearly unstoppable in its destructive force. The fey are understandably quite protective of their gifts and the source of these powers. All that most mortals have been able to learn is its name: the Reverie.

Inside You Will Find:

The Fey - An Overview:
Find out just how the Fey view the world and learn the secrets in wielding their awesome power.

Seeking the Reverie: Discover how to contact the Fey and enter the Reverie to access their magic.

Fey Magic: Bond to the Fey, craft powerful tokens and charms, and enhance the powers of druids, rangers and elves when in the wild.

Touching the Source: Join the ranks of the Feydancer, Spellbinder, Wyldling and Chosen Protector to become one with the Fey.

Fey Feats: New feats to bring your character closer to the Fey and the magic they wield.

Fey Spells: Fey magic can have little in common with the known arcane and divine arts. Discover just what is possible with the Fey as an ally.

The Great Art: Awaken the land with powerful grove wards, or perform dance magics and spell seeds as you become closer to the Fey.

Help for Games Masters: Intergrate Fey magic seamlessly with the rest of your campaign.

Fey Creatures: New Fey creatures to ally with and draw power from - the Bogle, Brownie, Fey Cat, Fey Hound, Gremlin, Gwyllion, Leprechaun, and Spriggan are all detailed here.


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