Item Code: #VCG1101e
Title: A Distant Echo
Type: Adventure
For: 4 beginning level characters
Author: Richard DeMorris
Published: 2001
Publisher: Viking Games
Format: 28-page PDF file
In Light, Feel Courage
Twin cities, two nations, vying for regional power have encountered a rise of goblin tribes and raids to their national coffers. After a brutal encounter, player characters are drawn into national intrigue, which must be handled quickly or else the region will fall to the hands of the goblins. The first question that needs answering is: Who is supplying the enemy with its quality weaponry?

In Shadows, Stand Ready
A d20 system adventure designed to stand alone, but is the first in a series of adventures detailing the Axandar world at the brink of chaos and war. Referees will be able to start new campaigns, or add exciting new dimensions to their current campaigns. A d20 system adventure for characters of beginning levels.

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