Item Code: #MGP1006
Title: Encyclopaedia Divine: Shamans - The Call of the Wild
Type: Accessory
Author: Alejandro Melchor
Published: 2002
Publisher: Mongoose Publishing
Format: 64-page perfect-bound book
It is said that when the gods created the world, they gently blew life into it, awakening the conscience in every piece of their work. Trees, rocks, rivers, wind, mountains... all of them received the holy breath, and all of them worhshipped the gods before the first race set foor on the face of the world. They were the animae, the souls of all things: the spirits. These beings are the heart of Creation, overseeing the turning of the seasons, the cycle of predator and prey and even the falling of each flake of snow. This first age was a paradise, but when the gods had set the stage for their mortal children, the spirits lost their place as the inhabitants of the world. Yet they were not really gone. Shunned to the lands behind the mirror, the spirits maintained their connection with that which gives them life, and they served a new role as the intermediaries between the gods and the physical world.

Shamans existed long before clerics and wizards usurped their role as the wise leaders of the people, the first to try and make sense of a strange world and the earliest people to delve into the powers of the unknown. Their magic is unsophisticated, and looked down upon as the province of the uncivilised, a primitive tool inferior to arcane formulae and divine prayer.

Inside You Will Find:

Shaman Magic - An Overview:
A detailed account of how shamanic magic works and how it relates to other divine paths.

The Shaman's Paths: A brand new core character class, the Shaman, is presented, along with many unique class features and abilities.

Secrets of the Craft: This chapter introduces a new range of feats and takes a look at the skills required by the Shaman character class.

Spirit Magic: In dealing with spirits, a Shaman is courting the very creative powers of the world. Through the wisdom presented in this chapter, players will be able to bargain and cajole the spirits without endangering themselves.

Spirit Domains and Spells: The spirits are able to grant a devoted Shaman many unique powers, all of which are covered here.

Spirits: A full listing of the spirits a Shaman may encounter in his long and hard career.

Help for Games Masters: Full guidelines are given to enable a Games Master to seamlessly introduce Shamans and their spirit magic into his campaign.


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