Item Code: #MKY1103
Title: The Treasures of Elbard
Type: Adventure
For: 8th-9th level characters
Author: C.A. Johnson
Published: 2001
Publisher: MonkeyGod Enterprises
Format: 36-page book
Treasure Hunters Only Need Apply

Two hundred and fifty years ago, the County of Elbard was a prosperous border realm with a bright future. A decade later it all ended in a tide of blood and fire, stormed by a goblin uprising. But when the smoke had cleared, the three Treasures of Elbard, the symbols of the realm, had vanished, spirited away by a powerful druid, his ranger ally, and the halfling they had come to trust. They hoped to return them to the King.
Instead, they vanished into history.
In the intervening years, many adventurers risked, and sometimes lost, their lives seeking the three legendary Treasures. None have succeeded. Will you be the first to recover...
The Treasures of Elbard?

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