Item Code: #AEG8518
Title: Empire
Type: Accessory
Author: Mike Mearls
Published: 2003
Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group
Format: 128-page perfect-bound book

I am sure your troops mass along our borders for the most innoccent of reasons. I am present at the holy emperor's command only to bear the most pressing reassurances that we cannot be held accountable for any accidents or incidents that befall your army. We know internal dissent wracks your lands, and we are aware that your rumormongers seek to blame such disturbances on this holiness's agents.

Even if you could produce such evidence, what would it gain you? The empire's legions outnumber yours, our wizards can crush your simple court magician with a thought, and the trade cartels need our ports, not yours. Your armor and blade have have served you in your youth, but now you are at our mercy. Hunting dragons has taught you how to swing a blade, but you'll find this talents useless now. One man in a sea of swords means nothing to an empire.

-Myrril Machador, Emissary of the Eastland Vassels


Claim the throne of an ancient kingdom and turn its vast resources to your own ends. Lead a massive legion of warriors into battle. Crush your foes, scatter them before you, and carve your name into history. Empire provides all the rules and guidelines you need to transform your character from wandering hero to mighty lord. Empire introduces rules for managing a tiny barony or a sprawling empire, with details for running battles with thousands of troops on each side.


  • Mass combat rules for epic scale warfare
  • Guidelines for running political campaigns with the d20 system
  • New classes and prestige classes
  • Sample units and foes
  • A complete system for managing kingdoms

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