Item Code: #FAF2011
Title: Enchanted Locations
Type: Accessory
Author: James M. Ward and William W. Connors
Published: 2002
Publisher: Fast Forward Entertainment
Format: 160-page perfect-bound hardback book
Deadly Encounters At Every Step!

Need an entire empire of elves? You can find it in Enchanted Locations! Wonder how a white dragon's lair might be laid out? You'll find a great example inside! And when the time comes to clean out the Vampire's Nest, you'll know exactly what the fiend has in store for your players!

Clever ideas and cunning dangers fill out every corner of their campaign world with the many natural and man-made locations detailed within! Take one of these maps, add monsters, treasures, a few NPCs, and you'll have a memorable and Enchanting Location your players will talk about for years! Each double-page spread presents an artistic map with locations imaginatively named so that the DM can easily fill in the details of the location to create an instant classic!

Enchanted Locations Includes!

  • 75 maps of interesting structures, lairs, regions, empires, and more!
  • Each map detailed with imaginative keys for DMs to expand upon as they wish!
  • A pair of d20 creatures provided with each map so it can be used instantly!
  • Themed treasures with each map so an interesting item can be used to lure or reward players!
Enchanted Locations provides great maps of Dungeon Masters to use in their campaign worlds. The 160 pages of this book feature 75 detailed maps, each with twenty colorfully named locations to provide ideas for creating great encounters! Each map key also provides d20 statistics for two of the possible creatures found on the map and themed treasure suggestions for Dungeon Masters to use or expand upon as they wish.

About the Authors
James M. Ward and William W. Connors have been designing great role-playing products for decades! Their award-winning designs include products from the Greyhawk, Ravenloft, Metamorphosis Alpha, and Dragonlance lines. For Fast Forward, they've worked on Swords of Power and many other acclaimed titles. Check out their bios at to learn more!

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