Item Code: #FAF2025
Title: Encyclopedia of Angels
Type: Accessory
Published: 2003
Publisher: Fast Forward Entertainemnt
Format: 128-page perfect-bound book
The Battle of Everafter

The war between the light and the dark has been waging for millennia, drawing mortals and other creatures from throughout the planes into its armies and leavingnothing but bloody fields in its wake. More than eighty major angelic beings and lesser celestial races are detailed within these pages, each having played a part in this great war. Further, eight new prestige classes, representing the most devout followers of the greatest angels, are included, giving you the chance to create powerful and dedicated characters unlike any others.

Assistance From On High

Angels have long been considered the messengers of the gods, those who deliver proclamtions from on high and dispense justice upon the impertinent. But they are far more than just nameless creatures of light. They are powerful beings in their own right, with their own concerns and their own methods. Not all sit on high among the angelic choir. Many travel the planes looking for evil to combat while others subtly direct mortals in actions against those dark powers.

Gifts from the Forces of Light

Every angel is a powerful being in its own right, but some possess power and station greater than even some minor gods. With that power comes throngs of mortal followers and a responsibility to lead the faithful in the battles to come. A few of these powerful angelic beings have even deigned to bestow a bit of power to some of the most devout and pious of their followers. Will your characters be the next one chosen?

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The Encyclopedia of Angels is a d20 System sourcebook filled with new and powerful celestial creatures of all kinds, each with its own motivations and desires. Every one of these angels comes directly from the history, legend and religious lore of a dozen cultures, providing a rich background usable in any role-playing campaign! Looking to add a new dimension of intrigue and adventure to your campaign? This book will literally bring the angels from on high down to Earth!

About the Authors:

Fast Forward Entertainment assembled an incredibly talented group of authors to bring you these angelic beings. Together, Anne Brown, Jon Cassie, Jarad Fennell, Kurt Hausheer, Tim Kidwell, Todd Laing, Tim O'Brien and Trevis Powell have created a unique source that will keep your players asking for more!

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