Item Code: #FAF2019
Title: Encyclopedia of Exotic Weapons
Type: Accessory
Published: 2004
Publisher: Fast Forward Entertainment
Format: 128-page perfect-bound book
More Weapons Than You Could Shake A Treant At!

The Encyclopedia of Exotic Weapons presents 107 different weapons, from the Aikuchi to the Blunderbuss to the Zaghnal and each of which is a real historical weapon. Every entry in this book (some of which list multiple versions or variants) includes not only an illustration of the weapon, but also information about who actually used these weapons - and how they used them - along with fictional information for use in any campaign.

Accurate Historical Backgrounds
Every one of the weapons featured within the Encyclopedia of Exotic Weapons comes directly from out own history. Many have their own rich and storied histories that deserve to be told. Far be it from us to deprive you of those incredible stories! Every weapon entry includes an overview of the actual weapon - its design, method of operation, typical uses, etc. - as well as its Historical Background - where it came from, who primarily used it and when. Where else can you find such a compendium of pure knowledge outside of a library?

Magic, Rules, Tables and Feats, Too!
The actual background of these weapons tell the story of our own history, but that's probably not the primary reason you're picking this book up. So we've also given you complete fantasy backgrounds for every weapon featured within these pages. From the races that use them to the special uses for and unique abilities of each of these weapons, you'll have more than enough reasons to bring them into your gaming world. And we've even added brand-new rules for the use of gunpowder and siege weapons into the mix, letting you play in almost any fantasy era. And, of course, all are neatly sorted within easy-to-read tables. WHo could want anything more?

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The Encyclopedia of Exotic Weapons features not only a wealth of new weapons drawn from history, but game rules that incorporate the unique character of these weapons into the version 3.5 rules for the d20 System.

  • 107 different unique weapons, all historically accurate
  • V.3.5 stats for each weapon
  • Rules for gunpowder and siege weapons, all 3.5-ready!
About the Authors

Three of the most storied and creative writers in fantasy gaming, Lester Smith, Christoffer Trossen and James M. Ward, combine with new talent Sean Everette and Alex Jacobs to create an incredibly exotic sequel to the Encyclopedia of Weaponry.

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