Item Code: #FAF2031
Title: Encyclopedia of Prestige Classes
Type: Accessory
Published: 2003
Publisher: Fast Forward Entertainment
Format: 128-page perfect-bound book
Time For Something New?

Tired of creating just another fighter or faceless wizard with the same old spells? Then this book is just what you need to throw wide the gates of adventure and hurl your campaign into new realms of excitement unlike any you've ever known before!

Two Score and Eleven... and exciting prestige classes dominate this book, giving you the chance to customize characters from every race, culture and class into the perfect PC or NPC for you. All of the classes in this book can be used in any fantasy setting, giving DMs the ability to generate powerful enemies or allies unlike any before and players the chance to create the character they always wanted.

The Perfect Character Resource

The Encyclopedia of Prestige Classes not only gives you fifty-one new and different prestige classes, but also brings together all of the new skills and feats that Fast Forward Entertainment has ever published into one single source. This invaluable book is the perfect resource for anyone who wants to create unique and wildly impressive fantasy characters. It should be on every Game Master's or player's bookshelf!

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The Encyclopedia of Prestige Classes is a d20 System sourcebook that brings together more than fifty different prestige classes into a single source, right alongside the skills and feats that make them what they are. Ranging from artillery masters to gamblers to trophy hunters, the classes presented in this book provide a wide selection for DMs and players alike looking to specialize a favored character or important enemy. Caution: Characters created with this book are more powerful than they first appear!

Nearly every member of Fast Forward's talented cadre of writers contributed to the creation of this book. Tim Beach, Bret Boyd, Anne Brown, Timothy Brown, Jon Cassie, Zeb Cook, Dale Donavan, Noah Dudley, Jarad Fennell, B.D. Flory, Dan "Flake" Grendell, Eric Haddock, Chris Hartford, Kurt Hausheer, Fred Jandt, Tim Kidwell, Tony Lee, David Lyons, M.K. McArtor, Gary McBride, Tim O'Brien, Kevin Melka, Steve Miller, W. Jason Peck, George Strayton, Stephen Sullivan, Christoffer Trossen, James M. Ward and Skip Williams all had a hand in bringing you this incredible resource!

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