Item Code: #FAF2020
Title: Encyclopedia of Weaponry
Type: Accessory
Published: 2002
Publisher: Fast Forward Entertainment
Format: 128-page perfect-bound book
Tired of the same-old, same-old?

Weapons aren't always pointy and easy to spot. They come in all shapes and sizes, from the tiny bagh nakh to huge polearms like the berdice and naginata, from the unsophisticated tooth spear to the complex wheel lock rifle. Encyclopedia of Weaponry gives you tools from throughout mankind's long history that you can put in the hands of your greatest heroes and deadliest villains.

Suddenly your campaign just became lots more dangerous!

This 128-page compendium is filled with a wide assortment of incredible weapons from all over the world, each of which has been tested in the hear of battle! Each entry provides an accurate illustration, historical details on the weapon, information about its use in fantasy campaigns (including which races like to use them), d20 statistics and even details about the most popular magical versions of the weapon!

So you think you've got the biggest stick?

Encyclopedia of Weaponry finally brings artillery and siege weapons into the game, from the millennia-old catapult to the heavy cannon of the middle-ages and Renaissance. We've also included detailed rules on how to use these weapons in your games, so now you, too, can bring down the walls of your worst opponent's castle with your own "big guns!"
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Tired of giving your best characters and villains the same old long sword or crossbow? The Encyclopedia of Weaponry details more than a hundred of the deadliest weapons ever created by mankind in over three thousand years of recorded history, from the tooth spear to the whip pistol. Every weapon in this book is drawn from mankind's past and given both a complete historical description as well as d20 statistics so you can bring them right into your fantasy campaign!

About the Authors:

Fast Forward Entertainment assembled an incredibly talented group of authors, including winners of the prestigious Origins Award, to bring these historical weapons to life. Together, Sean Everette, B. D. Flory, Chris Hartford, Kurt Hausheer, Steve Sullivan, Chris Trossen, James M. Ward, and Jakko Westerbeke have crafted a book that will bring Dungeon Masters and Players alike hundreds of hours of enjoyment, and give Player Characters the toys they want and need!

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