Item Code: #FAF2014
Title: Dungeon World: Secrets of the Enemy Capital
Type: Accessory
Published: 2003
Publisher: Fast Forward Entertainment
Format: 128-page perfect-bound hardback book
A World Of Adventure Somewhere Between Life And Death!

Learn the secrets!

Beneath, between and behind the Nex lies Kerse, the so-called Enemy Capital, where dozens of races are locked in an immortal conflict for control of the city. Kerse is a melting pot of sorts, where almost anything can be bought or found. But will the price be too high?

See the sights and live the life... of the dead!

Locked in an underground realm of perpetual darkness, where even the mightiest deites cannot, or will not, look in, a place where even the greatest wizards are nothing more than weaklings without their spells, the denizens of Dungeon World fight literally for their next breaths. This is a world where only the dead come, a purgatory they are forced to endure to pay for some unknown sin. Or is it just a test from on high?

War throughout the age...

Throughout the ages, the mysterious Caretakers have stoked the flames of the hatred and distrust in Kerse, but now something has changed. And they have dispatched their Horsemen of Balance. Can your characters survive long enough to turn the tide... or escape?

Dungeon World is a d20 System campaign setting that turns the idea of fantasy role-playing on end. The first follow-up to the wildly popular Dungeon World Universe campaign sourcebook, this book brings deadly danger to a new high as Player Characters struggle to just live another day in a purgatory filled with others who are dead, but not quite. For only when a character takes his last breath on the Mortal Planes does the adventure in Dungeon World even start!

About the Authors:
Fast Forward Entertainment assembled an incredibly talented group of authors, including winners of the prestigious Origins Award, to give you another glimpse into this hellish world. Together, Timothy Brown, Johnathan Cassie, Jarad Fennel, Kurt Hausheer, Fred Jandt, Tony Lee, David Lyons, M.K. McArtor, Christoffer Trossen, James Ward and Skip Williams have crafted a setting that players will be raving about for years!

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