Item Code: #BPR20001
Title: Epic Tales Volume 1: Race for Retribution
Type: Adventure
For: 1st - 5th level characters
Author: Jeff Colledge
Published: 2003
Publisher: Bard's Productions
Format: 22-page book, 30-page book, 34-page book, cardstock cover
A vile injustice.
A vengeful priest.
A ruined hall.
A racial artifact.
A terrified town.
A traitorous assassin.
A dark awakening.
A deadly alliance.

The Race Comes!

Special features make this series great for the experienced DM short on time as well as the novice DM starting their first campaign. These include:

Time SaversConvenience Features Campaign Features
Challenging and detailed battle tactics with each encounter reduce DM preparation timeLike modules of old the outer cover can be a DM screen and quick reference to full color maps Unlike other large scale modules Race for Retribution allows the DM to use additional adventures without interrupting the overall story
Full stat blocks for monsters, doors, locks, etc. reduce DM lookup time for every encounterSeperate books for each part allows the DM to physically mix in other material with Race for Retribution in their campaign binderContains a unique rumor system which provides storyline continuity even if players take a side trip
Mid adventure DM suggestions to help adjust difficulty level on-the-flyIncludes a small but detailed area setting, two towns and dozens of NPCs as a solid framework from which to start a new campaignIncludes suggestions for making each part a stand-alone adventure

With four distinct module styles - including event based murder mystery and real time fortress stealth infiltration -
Race for Retribution
provides both "roll" and roleplayers hours of enjoyment.

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