Item Code: #MGP1024
Title: Encyclopaedia Psionica: World Shapers - The Secret Revolution
Type: Accessory
Author: Shannon Kalvar
Published: 2004
Publisher: Mongoose Publishing
Format: 64-page perfect-bound book
In the minds of all sentient creatures lies the potential to change the world. Every thought, every action resonates throughout reality. Actions and thoughts intersect, collide, contradict, and merge together to form the fabric of cause and effect that make up 'reality' as people understand it.

Most people express their power to change the world through their bodies. They take up swords or tools, craft words or art. A handful find they wield incredible arcane or divine powers, changing all of creation by moving forces they barely understand.

A rare cursed few do not suffer the limits that constrain mortal men. They alter the shape of the universe by will alone. They move mountains, light forest fires, transport themselves though time and space without drawing on anything but themselves. They have what many would consider the ultimate gift; to transform thought into definite action unbound by the constraints of the physical world. This ultimate gift brings with it a terrible curse. Each world shaper must maintain constant focus, constant control over the power within. A stray thought could become a bird. A flare of anger may ignite an inferno that destroys a town. Unbridled by the buffer of physical action these gifted individuals must struggle constantly to establish boundaries on their own desires. Even a moment's failure can bring ruin to everything they hold dear.

They are the world shapers, world breakers, dreamers and destroyers. Where they walk, reality itself bows down.

Inside You Will Find:

World Shaping - An Overview Feat for Psionic and Latent characters
World Shapers and the Mundane World New Psionic Items and Psionic Foci
Details of four types of Psionic World Shaper Psionic Ghosts
New Psionic Prestige Classes New Psionic powers


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