Item Code: #AEG8328
Title: The Temple of Eternal Flame
Type: Adventure
For: 6th-8th level characters
Author: Scott Fitzsimmons and jim pinto
Published: 2001
Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group
Format: 16-page book
The night is cold and recent adventures have left you without companions. Here, at the Inn of the Green Wind, you seek further glory and adventure. This nightm however, you find neither. Just a bard composing tales.

He pulls out a pipe and lights it, sending ribbons of smoke to the rafters of the inn. Pictures appear within the smoke, weaving an intricate story of a lamp that flames eternal. As you sit enthralled, your head begins to throb and your body goes numb. Tunnel vision sets in and just before unconsciousness claims you, a woman's voice echoes clearly in your mind. "Now you shall have your vengeance my love."

Waking, you find yourself sitting in a dark, rank, rat infested cell. Strangely, you cannot remember what landed you in this fine predicament. You hear the sharp sounds of metal boots descending a spiral staircase just outside your dungeon cell. The cell door unlocks and bright light streams in, blinding you. A loud voice asks you to step out.

"We have work for you."

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