Item Code: #COL5081
Title: Evael: Kingdom of the Elves
Type: Accessory
Published: 2002
Publisher: Columbia Games
Format: 37 loose three-hole punched pages, bi-fold three-hole punched page, cover
Bring your players to the mysterious Kingdom of the Elves in three related adventires. Elven culture, clans, magic, and religion are detailed.

The beautiful capital city of the elves has wide avenues, pristine parks, and magnificent buildings. Includes plans of a typical Sindarin clanhouse, details on elven government and religion.

The city of Ulfshafen is Evael's only open port. The settlement has a small human population and conducts a rich maritime trade in elven artifacts. Includes plans of a local inn and seaman's hostel.

An ancient Sindarin fortress and prison and now refuge of a Navehan sect. The priests of Naveh grow an assortment of interesting herbs which they use to subdue the region's warlike Pagaelin barbarians, while they loot Bejist.

An ancient Sindarin and Khuzdul trading center, Pesino is today a forbidden ruin guarded by the elves. Pesino includes a color site map, extensive interior plans and site legends.


A medieval environment designed specifically for fantasy gaming and suitable for ANY rule system.

Run your epic quests within a believable, stable, and rational world that could exist.

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