Item Code: #TLGNGF1 (F1)
Title: Vindication
Type: Adventure
For: 4 - 6 characters, 9th - 12th level
Author: Bob Sarvas
Published: 2004
Publisher: Necromancer Games
Format: 120-page perfect-bound book
Break the Curse That Never Ends

An avatar of evilness has trodden upon your group. Your lives have been slowly but surely ripped asunder. Tiny scraps of information lead to a horrible and powerful Archmage. With strength, stealth and guile you might locate him and his wretched associates. Beware though, for his energy bolts are of staggering power. He commands a battalion of loyal guards. He utilizes evil outsiders and moves about like them!

End The Torment At The Hands Of The Darkmage

Vindication offers the players high-level action with many interconnected mini-encounters written specifically to cause intense enmity towards the main antagonist. The players find hints in the the town of Pfefferain and all its mysteries and information which they can use to rout the fiends from their own home turf and solve all the riddles and mysteries that appear therein. Ample tactical and strategic help for the DM is provided to ensure the ensuing battle is one the characters never forget... if they live.

Requires the use of the Dungeon & Dragons Player's Handbook, Third Edition, published by Wizards of the Coast.

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