Item Code: #AEG8334
Title: Fall From Grace
Type: Adventure
For: 6th-8th level characters
Author: Andrew Getting
Published: 2001
Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group
Format: 16-page book
In the nation's darkest hour arises a new hope: a messiah-paladin, the prophesied God-King. Protecting the weak and low of station even as he defends the nation against invaders and corrupt statesmen alike, the God-King's ascension to the throne of Lutan promises to herald a new age of peave and prosperity for all his subjects.

But peace and prosperity have never been profitable and many contest the rise of the God-King. Deposed royalty, foreign invaders, and corrupt merchants all find in him a mutual foe. Though the God-King's armies are mighty, many believe that a few assassins can succeed where the legions of darkness have failed. All the while others conspire to make the God-King their own. Every brigand, cutthroat, and assassin in the realm turns an eye to Lutan and to a quick, bloody profit.

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