Item Code: #DQG1402
Title: Dweomercraft: Familiars
Type: Accessory
Author: Steve Creech, Michael Hammes, Neal Levin, David Woodrum
Published: 2004
Publisher: DarkQuest Games
Format: 128-page perfect-bound book
They serve, yet more often than not, they are forgotten. They are part of their master's lives - as much as the very air that they breathe. Yet often, they are overlooked. They venture deep into danger, bound to the one they serve - some out of loyalty and love, others bound by spells to the will of the one who summoned them. But regardless of the manner in which they are linked, the Familiar is always there to provide an extra pair of eyes, ear, or nostrils to supplement the senses of its owner.

These unique creatures are often glossed over and ignored - until now, as DarkQuest Games presents: Dweomercraft Familiars. The book provides an in-depth look at these marvelous creatures, giving a new slant on some old favorites, and adding to the already established facts and figures. There are rules for the creation of new familiars, and a wealth of information on new types, including clockwork and undead creations.

This is the Familiar book that no wizard or sorcerer should be without. Lovingly illustrated, teeming with extra feats and new ideas, this book has all the wielder of the magical arts could possibly need. It is useful for both players and GMs to add a twist to any campaign or as a new resource from which to create their own ideas.

Dweomercraft: Familiars offers new insight to those companions that are the unseen and bravest of the adventuring party.

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