Item Code: #DQG1801
Title: Fell Beasts: Goblins
Type: Accessory
Published: 2005
Publisher: Dark Quest Games
Format: 72-page perfect-bound book
They lurk in every shadow, hide in the darkest lairs, and sneak through the undergrowth almost undetected. They are as present as sun, moon and stars, but they are ultimately reviled. The denizens of fantasy worlds everywhere, with their sharp claws and horrid biting teeth made famous by epic tales of heroism where they are slaughtered in their thousands - but what is a Goblin really like, what drives these creatures, are they all evil or are they merely misunderstood?

Within the pages of this tome you will find a new look at Goblins, their personality and various types, what they do in their spare time and their weapons and armor. How they use poisons and how they create and defend their lairs. What they prefer to eat, what they do not like to eat. The Goblin's creation myth, suitable for any world or setting; and most importantly, 'everything you ever wanted to know about Goblins' but were too terrified or amused to ask.

Goblins is a tome rich in information and produced to Dark Quest's standards for humor, detail, providing an askew look at these nighmarish little monsters. One lone Goblin may not provide much of a threat, but when applied in great numbers they can often turn even the most seasoned adventurer into a gibbering wreck. Learn how to get the best out of these insidious little creatures and play them to the hilt.

The book also includes a number of Goblin NPCs complete with statistics, personalities and backgrounds ready to throw into the mix.

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