Item Code: #EDN7005 (Incorrectly labeled as EDN7003 on the cover)
Title: Fields of Blood: The Book of War
Type: Accessory
Author: Lizard, Matt Colville, Doug Sun
Published: 2003
Publisher: Eden Studios
Format: 176-page perfect-bound book
Lay Waste to Your Enemies!

As dawn broke, the armies arrayed for battle.

The telltale sounds of warriors at the ready drifted across the field. Horses snorted; metal scraped against metal as soldiers drew their swords; leather creaked under the weight of cavalrymen; someone muttered a prayer.

Their homeland - all they had built - was threatened. This was a fight they had to win.

Fields of Blood: The Book of War provides everything you need to rule a nation, raise an army, and assault enemies on the battlefield. From realms to unit to battle to magic, your character can now be a hero both in the dungeon and on the battlefield.

Fully compatible with version 3.5 of the d20 system, inside you will find:

  • How to define realms, and convert those from your campaign.
  • A primer on governing, from building and maintaining a small thorpe to taxing a vast nation.
  • Rules for mustering and training troops, from a unit of one hundred to an army of thousands!
  • A complete set of true mass combat mechanics, including siegecraft and fortifications.
  • A guide to incorporating core magic from other d20 books, as well as new battle and realm magic.
  • New prestige classes for every character type, designed for use in mass combat.
  • Appendices of spells and creature units, ready for play.
Fields of Blood: The Book of War is the ultimate mass combat supplement for players and GMs alike. Start from scratch or bring in your own setting, world, and characters. Then, take your campaign to another level!

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