Item Code: #AEG8346
Title: The Flesh is Weak
Type: Adventure
For: 7th-10th level
Author: Travis Heermann
Published: 2001
Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group
Format: 16-page book
Not long ago, Alstand was a prosperous town, bustling with activity and commerce. Now, its streets are quiet and all but empty. Uneasy faces with hollow eyes peer through cracks in shuttered windows. Animals grow skittish in the town's narrow streets.

The few passersby warn that the town's residents are disappearing, one by one. Friends and neighbors vanish from their homes. The terrified townspeople whisper of ghastly noises coming from Watchman's Hill. Something is moving among the grim, dark stones of the old cemetary, which has stood still for a century.

The adventurers' horses shy away from the small figure that darts from the darkness of a half-open cottage door, an unkempt conglomeration of gaunt, dirty face, rumpled, unwashed clothes, and staring, blood-shot eyes. "Please! Can you help me?" He is a ten-year old boy, and his terrified gaze flicks in all directions, looking for danger. "Please! Something has taken my mother and father!"

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