Item Code: #GRR1002
Title: Death In Freeport
Type: Adventure
Author: Chris Pramas
Published: 2000
Publisher: Green Ronin Publishing
Format: 32-page book
Never turn your back on a buccaneer!

Welcome to Freeport, a city of secrets and deceit. Founded by pirates, this great trading city is no stranger to dirty dealings and bloody payback. Now under the rule of the Sea Lord Drac, Freeport is on the threshold of a great change. Only the gods know if this transformation will be for good or evil.

Death in Freeport is a d20 System adventure for characters of levels 1-3. A perfect starter for a new campaign and a new edition, this adventure gives you everything you need to start playing right away. Inside these pages you'll find:

A history of Freeport, from its ancient masters to the current Sea Lord.
A heady mix of investigation and rollicking action.
A brand new monster.
Hooks for continuing adventures in Freeport.
A campaign map of the city.
Four pre-generated characters, so you can start your adventure right away.

The city of Freeport fits easily into any fantasy world. Add it to your existing campaign or use it to start a new one. Death in Freeport makes gamemastering easy.

About the Author
Chris Pramas has been working as a writer and game designer for the past seven years. He has written for such roleplaying games as Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Feng Shui, Warhammer FRP, In Nomine, and Over the Edge, and designed the Origins Award-nominated Dragon Fist RPG. As a game designer at Wizards of the Coast, he's written such AD&D books as the Guide to Hell, Slavers, and the Vortex of Madness.

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