Item Code: #GHS1010
Title: Gatekeeper's Adventure Bundle
Type: Adventure
Published: 2001
Publisher: Guildhouse Games
Format: 4 32-page books w/wrap
The Succubus Bride
An arranged marriage promises to end a war, but the bride is more than she appears to be.
For Characters 7th-8th level.

A Green Place to Die
The party must brave the Bahgdair Swamp in search of riches in this introductory adventure.

A Thief's Tale
AN exciting sourcebook for Tulinos, the City of Thieves, includes four adventures.

Red or White
An ambitious general bars the path to a cure for lycanthropy in the wine lands of Thentis.
For Characters 5th-7th level.

Requires the use of the
Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook, Third Edition,
Published by Wizards of the Coast.

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