Item Code: #AEG8332
Title: The Gauntlet
Type: Adventure
For: 2nd-4th level characters
Author: A.A. Acevedo and jim pinto
Published: 2001
Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group
Format: 16-page book
So you want to join the Minutemen? You think you have what it takes?

We'll see tonight

Six crimes in 12 hourse, that shouldn't be too difficult, right.

It's not. Not until you see the "shopping" list.

Steal the journal from the Herbalist and Witch, Madame Byanca.

Find a precious and rare Black Diamond, hidden somewhere in the city.

Retrieve the Lord Rhelgin's sword.

Kidnap Father Milas Tomor, a Priest of Pelor.

Leave a bloody dagger in the room of Regent Petralis.

Last... we'll save that one for later. Worry about getting these five done first.

Impossible you say? Let's hope not. The penalty for failure is imprisonment. You see, the guild has a deal with the local constable. Anyone who fails to pass the guild's initiation is handed over to the constable and imprisoned for past crimes, real or otherwise. The guards enjoy a short period of glory for "solving the crimes" and the guild gets rid of a few worthless recruits.

Good luck!

This adventure may be played alone or in conjunction with Honor Among Thieves.

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