Item Code: #UPI005
Title: Gaming Frontiers Volume 5
Type: Accessory
Published: 2003
Publisher: United Playtest, Inc.
Format: 144-page perfect-bound book
United Playtest does it again with this collection of original content from the best and brightest in the d20 arena. Official new adventures, spells, monsters and magic items direct from the publishers themselves.

Contributing d20 publishers include:

SkeletonKey Games

A Gaming Frontiers exclusive!
A complete Orc sourcebook from the people who gave use the critically acclaimed Forsaken of Glimm article in GF Volume 2.

Atlas Games
The good people at Atlas give us not one but TWO contributions featuring original content for both Crime and Punishment and En Route 2

Bastion Press
Exclusive material from Arena

Black Arrow Games
Preview of their Big Book of NPCS

Goodman Games
A preview of their new Morningstar campaign setting

Hammerdog Games
An adventure for their new OGC setting, The Nearside Project

Malhavoc Press
provides a preview of When the Sky Falls

Mongoose Publishing
A peek at Coming of Shadows for the Babylon 5 setting

Mystic Eye Games
A new Foul Locale of an ancient ruin hidden deep in the rainforest

0one Roleplaying Games
Original material for their Warriors of Dream adventure

Plus! Monte Cook gets creative with monsters, a new World X map, a d20 Modern/Fantasy crossover adventure by Lee Garvin of Deadlands fame, All for One - Get your party working together with these themed groups from freelancer Chris Hind, another installment of Role of History from fan favorite Andrew Hind and a Treasure chest detailing magic items for cathedrals and shrines

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