Item Code: #DGQ1102
Title: Gnomes: Masters of Illusion
Type: Accessory
Author: Michael Hammes, Lysle Kapp, Patrick Lawinger, Neal Levin, Fraser Ronald, David Woodrum
Published: 2004
Publisher: DarkQuest Games
Format: 106-page perfect-bound book
Gnomes revealed for the first time in depth. Did you know that there are three cultures to these reclusive creatures? The Hill, Mountain and Imperial Gnomes are all described in detail and lavishly illustrated bringing the text to life.

Gnomes: Masters of Illusion also features brand new magic items and 8 new prestige classes for your enjoyment. Also for the first time we reveal the details on the gnome's 'magical pipes' and their alchemical creations. Packed into this tome are details and descriptions on Gnomish non-magical equipment, new spells at least 50 or more, details on the kinds of diseases that can inflict these people and a full pantheon of deities to use as you wish.

This accessory was originally solicited as City Guide Cultures 2: Gnomes.

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