Item Code: #FAF2500
Title: Green Races
Type: Accessory
Author: Timothy Brown
Published: 2002
Publisher: Fast Forward Entertainment
Format: 224-page perfect-bound hardback book
A monstrous world that thrives on treachery and greed!

Monsters prey upon monsters where humans, elves, and dwarves fear to tread!

  • Player characters begin as common soldiers and plunderers in the ranks of the monstrous armies. Whether bugbear, orc, or kobold, they all crave treasure and power, and what better place to take it than from their monstrous neighbors! Factions launch assaults against dungeons and lairs to throw out their denizens and make them their own!
  • For the players, every Green Races faction has a new prestige class! That's 15 new prestige classes in all! Become an orc Bone Shaker, one of their mysterious witch doctors, or create a Soulwalker, a reverent troll spiritualist. Beware the ogre Beskars, whose unexpectedly sophisticated manner hides deadly subterfuge!
  • Characters advance through the ranks of their Green Races faction as the campaign progresses. Eventually they climb to positions of power, even leading the 'hundreds,' units of troops sent on missions against distant lairs or enemy armies. In time, a character can advance to lead an entire faction, becoming warlord over an entire species of monster!
  • The lands of the Green Races teem with other creatures aligned with none of them. Fire and stone giants live in the mountains, and the swampfolk pretty much keep to themselves. Azazel, a powerful devil, presides over a horde in the deep deserts. Meet all of these and more in the lands of the Green Races!
  • Monsters crave dungeons. They want only to occupy them, and nothing boils their green blood more than a dungeon crawling with other monsters. Every Green Races faction has a complete dungeon, ruin, cavern or lair. The characters must protect their own, but all others are potential targets of an expanding empire! Additional unowned ruins tempt all the races - they must be siezed!
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Green Races is a d20 System campaign setting where monstrous races vie for power and control of its many dungeons, ruins, caverns, and lairs. Fiften unique Green Races factions - goblins, ogres, gnolls, trolls, and more - are fully described with background, exciting new prestige classes, armies, and a dungeon or lair to protect. Monstrous characters move up through the ranks to rule entire races!

About the Authors

Fast Forward Entertainment is proud to publish the work of its best creative minds, headed up by Timothy Brown, James M. Ward, and Lester Smith. Featuring additional design by Anne Brown, Jonathan Cassie, Zeb Cook, Noah Dudley, Jarad Fennell, Dan Grendell, Kurt Hausheer, Tim O'Brien, Jason Peck, and Steve Sullivan that makes the Green Races campaign setting come alive!

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