Item Code: #GLT1051
Title: The Gryphon's Legacy
Type: Adventure
For: 1st-3rd level characters
Author: Wolfgang Baur
Published: 2001
Publisher: Gaslight Press
Format: 48-page book
And Death Came Riding...

A hideous and sickly glow sweeps out of the Valdan Wilds, borne on the clattering sound of hooves in the icy wind. It seems like just yesterday when you left the Sun Empire with dreams of gold and glory. But now, any thought of restoring the splendor of a kingdom nearly a half-millennium dead fades quickly as the ghostly horsemen descend upon you on undead steeds with smoldering eyes...

The Gryphon's Legacy is the first adventure for the Sun & Scale campaign syste, a living campaign world of epic proportions. Full of classic adventuring, exploration, and kingdom building, this challenging d20 System adventure pits your heroes against ghostly marauders, evil death cults, necromantic intrigue, a malevolent pool of unimaginable horror, and the ruins of an ancient evil race.


Dynamic Living Castle using innovative Roving Encounters
4 New Monsters compatible with any d20 System game
New Magic Items
New Skills & Spells
Introduction to the Sun & Scale Campaign System

Region: Valdan Wilds
Period: Spring, Year One
Levels: 1-3
Companies: 1-2

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