Item Code: #AUG1001
Title: Dark Awakenings: Guardian
Type: Adventure
For: 4-6 charaters, levels 3-4
Author: Keith Done
Published: 2002
Publisher: Auran Games
Format: 84-page perfect-bound book w/CD-ROM
A body lies facedown before a set of doors, in the passage ahead. The once crimson vestments that dressed the dead monk of Theydori were soaked with dark blood. My companions turned the monk over; the left side of his skull was collapsed, having been struck a tremendous blow.

While the others attended to the dead monk, my attention was firmly fixed upon the nearby set of doors, hanging slightly ajar. An unnatural radiance pulsed within the room, accompanied by the beat of a feint tone, the likes of which I have never heard in the waking world...

From the Journals of Naedath,
Mage of the city of Quorull.

Dark Awakenings: Guardian

A simple sea voyage to the remote island of Guardian, quickly becomes a terrifying fight for surrvival as an unseen foe sends its minions against you, in a bid to consume your very souls! A d20 adventure for 4-6 characters of Levels 3-4 that is continued in Part-Two
Dark Awakenings: Shadowland.

BONUS CD-Rom containing;
  • Ambient sound and music
  • Fully rendered 3D scenes
  • Printable full-color maps
  • Comprehensive background information
  • The complete adventure module in searchable Pdf format

For document viewing
A PDF viewer for your computer.
CD-ROM drive and any required drivers to read a PC format CD-ROM

Guardian minimum spec:
Pentium II 266mhz
64mb RAM
Windows9x or above
NVidia TNT or equivalent with full Open GL support
300mb of free space on HDD

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