Item Code: #WW8394 (H1)
Title: The Bonegarden
Type: Adventure
For: 4 characters, 12th-14th level
Author: Lance Hawvermale and Rob Mason
Published: 2004
Publisher: Necromancer Games
Format: 128-page perfect-bound book
Ages of Buried Evil

The Bonegarden is a small nation ruled by the dead, a circular cemetery 1 mile in diameter, surrounded by a magical containment field that keeps its denizens from spilling into the innocent world beyond. Within the gate lies one of the true blights of the Domain of Hawkmoon, an immense graveyard that serves as the prison for the doomed spirits of thousands of history's most awful criminals. Those inside are determined to escape, and one of them may have found a way....

An Endless Forum of Adventure

The cemetery is a self-contained battlefield that abounds with undead of types the heroes have never seen, each with its own special plan for escaping its eternal confinement. The Bonegarden contains dozens of new spells, feats, monsters, and magic items. All the action takes place inside a mile-wide arena where the dead are the majority and the living are hunted like wild game. The heroes have come to the cemetery in search of adventure. The only question is... can they get out?

Designed for use with the Third Edition Revised Rules

Fantasy - Swords and Sorcery
Adventure (Dungeon)
Core D20 System

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