Item Code: #MYG5001 (1A)
Title: The Hamlet of Thumble
Type: Accessory
For: 4-6 characters, levels 1-2
Author: Ed Cha
Published: 2003
Publisher: Mystic Eye Games / Open World Press
Format: 72-page perfect-bound book

Darkness stalks the halflings of this quiet and peaceful hamlet and aventurers must decide whether to help the good residents or side with the forces of evil!
The Hamlet of Thumble is a basic adventure setting designed for a party of four to six good or evil player characters (PCs) of 1st or 2nd level.

For Good PCs:
The PCs are sent to The Hamlet of Thumble to find out why the halflings have been unable to pay taxes to the local lord.
They soon discover that evil humanoids are terrorizing the halflings who blame their lord for the lack of protection from the nightly raids. Little do the adventurers know that by helping the halflings they may serve as pawns in a game of politics and war...

For Evil PCs:
Evil PCs are humanoid raiders ordered to steal as much as possible from the residents of The Hamlet of Thumble and hopefully cause enough havoc to force the halflings to leave. This band of miscreants comes from a tribe of evil humanoids that has settled nearby. The challenge for evil PCs is tougher because the halfling settlement is larger and more sophisticated than the evil humanoid one. The evil PCs must avoid Thumble's powerful NPCs while doing as much damage as possible.
Two groups of PCs can also work against each other - one party of good PCs protecting the hamlet and one band of evil PCs raiding it. There is an additional scenario in which two groups of evil PCs, a group of evil humanoid raiders and a group of evil mercenaries, act together to terrorize the halflings.

This product also contains information on:
  • 58 Halflings with Complete Statistics
  • The Ecology of the Halfling
  • Mundane Weapons
  • Morale Checks
  • Special Ranged Attacks for Arcane Spellcasters
  • Incorporating Dreams Into Your Game
  • Reputation Points
  • Special Abilities and Weaknesses for PCs
  • 3 New Core Classes: Cavalier, Shaman, and Witch
  • 1 New Skill
  • 7 New Feats
  • 56 New Spells
  • 12 New Magic Items
  • 2 New Monsters
  • Starting a New Game
  • Distributing Ability Scores by Power Level
  • How to Avoid Killing 1st Level PCs
  • How to Keep Role-Playing from Becoming "Roll-Playing"
  • 12 Signs of a Good GM
  • 6 Good-Aligned Ready-to-Use Pre-Generated Characters
  • 6 Evil-Aligned Ready-to-Use Pre-Generated Characters
...and much more.

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