Item Code: #BA02101
Title: Heroes of High Favor: Dwarves
Type: Accessory
Author: Benjamin Durbin
Published: 2002
Publisher: Badaxe Games
Format: 62-page perfect-bound book
Stronger than steel,
more solid than stone...

Deep within their mountain
fortresses, the dwarves toil away at their
craft, turning precious ore into works of
priceless beauty. Yet these are nor mere artisans, for
they are the masters of yet another skill: the art of warfare.
For every gold coin that flows into the halls of the dwarven
lords, there stands at the ready a grim-faced dwarven warrior
prepared to defend it with his very life.

Each HEROES OF HIGH FAVOR book contains a toolkit of additional
feats, skills, concepts, and prestige classes to explore your race's favored
class. DWARVES features background information and role-playing tips
for ten unique dwarven prestige classes, as well as new feats, fighting
styles, and dwarven runes. You will also find an extensive section on
dwarven craftsmanship, including weapon and armorsmithing rules.
You can create entirely news kinds of masterwork weapons and
armor, crafted from the finest dwarven steel, mithral, and

definitive sourcebook for dwarven
characters of every kind.

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