Item Code: #BA02103
Title: Heroes of High Favor: Elves
Type: Accessory
Author: Benjamin Durbin
Published: 2003
Publisher: Badaxe Games
Format: 78-page perfect-bound book
An ancient race in the
autumn of their influence...

Ancient, alien, immortal, as
angels to men, the elve have lived since
the world was young and magic was new. For
millennia they have studied the arcane arts, setting
themselves apart from the petty squables of lesser folk.
What mortal could contest with the oldest and wisest of races,
the most powerful of all wizards?

Each HEROES OF HIGH FAVOR book contains a toolkit of additional
feats, skills, concepts, and prestige classes to explore your race's favored
class. ELVES features background information and role-playing tips for ten
unique elven prestige classes, as well as new feats and new uses for old skills
specific to elves and wizards.

New arcane feats combine with new rules for specialist wizards to firmly
establish elves as the masters of the arcane. Add-on rules for ley lines and
power nexuses can be dropped into any campaign, granting the elves
dominion over the eldritch powers of the ancient world. Best of all,
an extended appendix presents concrete rules for new spell designs,
taking much of the usual guesswork out of the process.

definitive sourcebook for elven player
characters of every kind.

Requires the use of the Dungeons
and Dragons Player's Handbook,
Third Edition, published by Wizards of the Coast.

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