Item Code: #AEG8323
Title: The Illusionist's Daughter
Type: Adventure
For: 3-5 characters, levels 4-6
Author: Travis Heermann
Published: 2001
Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group
Format: 16-page book
Near the forgotten village of Stormy Shore, an old illusionist tries to raise Liriandra, his only daughter, in peace, but her incredible beauty make seclusion impossible. Suitors come from far and wide to meet her. Her beauty inspires ballads and her kindess and generosity inspire the love of all that meet her.

But sinister forces threaten the peaceful fishing village right under the noses of the old wizard and his daughter. Nothing is truly what it seems.

An impulsive young nobleman named Cedric sets out to win her heart, making the long journey to Stormy Shore, but he is never heard from again. His family is worried, and they can pay well for information of Cedric's whereabouts. Can your party of bold adventurers discover the truth of the Illusionist's Daughter?

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