Item Code: #DF2001
Title: Masterwork Maps: Inns & Taverns
Type: Accessory
Author: Brian Moseley, Steven and Valorie Grover
Published: 2003
Publisher: Darkfuries Publishing
Format: 96-page perfect-bound book
Music and Mead, Bread and Board, Intrigue and Adventure!

Never again be unprepared!
This volume of Masterwork Maps showcases 71 floor plans of fantasy inns and taverns, includes a massive and diverse array of ready-to-use characters, provides a multitude of colorful menus for medieval food and drink, and contains complete information of furnishings and building construction. Every establishment and personality is described, and many are expansively detailed.

35 Locales, from seedy hideouts to humble hasheries to opulent hostels

  • 20 inns presented in 45 seperate floor plans
  • 15 taverns presented in 26 seperate floorplans
47 fully described, highly detailed d20 System NPC personalities:

  • 27 Bartenders, Innkeepers, and Ostlers
  • 20 Patrons with backgrounds and adventure hooks

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